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NASA Interactive Map of Centers 

The NASA Centers are identified by geographic location with small business contacts, top NAICS Codes, what they buy and also feature a specific mission video for each center.

NASA Centers and Small Business Offices


NASA’s FY 2021 Volume of Integrated Performance

Report includes highlights of what NASA accomplished in FY 2019 and how they manage projects, operations, and people


  • FY 2019 Annual Performance Report
  • FY 2020 Annual Performance Plan Update
  • FY 2021 Annual Performance Plan

2019 NASA Procurement Year in Review

NASA spends approximately 81% of its budget acquiring goods and services.
Procurements totaled over $19.5 billon

Over 36,000 (e.g., awards, modifications) and in excess of 25,000 instruments (including contracts, PO, TO, DO).

NASA Vendor Database
(2018 Overview and Presentation pdf)

NASA Vendor Database | NVDB

Open to all large and small vendors, NASA's vendor registration is shared with acquisition personnel. The database is searchable by vendor and HBCU/MSI, and offers the ability to view capability statements 

NASA Vendor Communication Plan

Effective vendor communication requires the support of the entire acquisition workforce; contract specialist, contracting officer, procurement analyst, program manager, and project manager, small business, technical, finance and legal professionals alike.

Read details here



'Do Your NASA Homework' with Neil McDonnell 

NASA | Understanding 'Industry Day' Documents

Learn how to read critically to find the key information buried in the various strategic documents handed out at events

NASA | Glenn Research Center | Strategic Action Plan

Neil McDonnell reviews the 2019 Glenn Research Center Strategic Action Plan step by step

READ Glenn Research Center Strategic Action Plan

NASA KSC | Kennedy Space Center

Learn to find your key Points of Contact at Kennedy Space Center

NASA Flight Centers | Finding Small Business Offices

Neil shows how he researches across large agencies, like NASA, to find the right small business offices. The goal is to find direct points of contact, so you can reach out to the best small business specialist in the right office.

NASA NSSC | 2019 NASA Shared Services Center Overview

In this video, Neil McDonnell shows you what is important in each section of the report. Learn about the NSSC Senior Leadership Team, Vision and Mission, Business and Service Delivery Models, Services Portfolio, National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage (NCCIPS), Local Workforce and Economic Impact on Local Community 


NASA MSFC | Small Business Directory

Register in NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Small Business Directory