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Featured guests:

  • Della Simmons, Small Business Professional, Elmendorf-Richardson AFB at Jber, Alaska
  • Mark Snyder, Director of Business Operations, 82d Contracting Squadron, Sheppard AFB
  • Tracy Nicholson, Director, AFSC Small Business Office, Tinker AFB

Small Business Success Tips Podcast | Air Force Episodes

Episode 25 Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) | Sam Riehn

Summary: Sam Riehn explains how to identify Air Force program managers who buy what you sell, how acquisition is changing, and how small businesses with cybersecurity capabilities can take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

Episode 16 Brent Owens | SBA, PCR Area V (Hill Air Force Base, Utah)

Summary: Brent Owens discusses current trends in purchasing on Air Force bases, regional training for small business and contracting officers, the role of DSBS in market research and the SBA's All Small Business Mentor-Protégé program.

Episode 20 Valerie L. Muck | US Air Force Small Business Programs Director

Summary: Valerie Muck discusses the US Air Force Office of Small Business programs, how to develop strategic relationships with small business specialists, new developments in acquisition, subcontracting strategies and how companies must proactively convey how they can further the Air Force's mission.  

Episode 13  Sally Walton | PCR, SBA Area 5 (Albuquerque)

Summary: Sally Walton offers powerful small business contracting strategies, clarifies the scope of agencies, and demystifies important regulations and limitations of sub-contracting for small business set asides.

Episode 11  Colleen Burns |  PCR, SBA Area V (El Paso, TX)

Summary: Colleen Burns discusses the different contracting roles at agencies, how small businesses must be proactively building relationships, promoting their qualifications and researching opportunities, working with PCRs and specialists to open more doors within federal agencies and the importance of continuing education.