“Government contracting is NOT a secret... it’s just a process.”
Neil McDonnell, GovCon Chamber of Commerce


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The Tide Has Turned

GovCon Chamber of Commerce *
 the 10 YEAR DECLINE of the
 SBA HUBZone Program 

After a dismal 10 year decline and never once hitting its 3% goal, the SBA HUBZone Program finally has a reason to celebrate. 

HUBZone-certified companies are  now responding to Sources Sought & RFIs in record numbers and winning more  contracts!

Thanks to the GovCon Chamber of Commerce everything has changed!

Neil McDonnell explains what triggered FY18's 24% growth of contracts over FY17 and how the Chamber is working toward exceeding those results in FY19.

* Note: HUBZone Chamber  of Commerce was renamed 
the 'GovCon Chamber of the Commerce' in 2019

**UPDATE | HUBZone-awarded contracts increased
to 2.05% in FY2018


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