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To help small businesses understand that
Government contracting is not a secret, it’s just a process.
When followed, that process will lead to their success.


Ensure American small businesses have the knowledge and ability to earn 50% of federal government contract dollars.


Transformation | We enable small businesses to quickly go from their current state to the ideal state

Community | We smash silos in order to share lessons learned and increase dialogue among all stakeholders

Control | We help small businesses take control of their success by actively following a proven process

Commitment | GovCon success requires hard work and patience - an unwavering commitment to your goals

Process | We believe that a proven process is the path to repeatable business success

Neil McDonnell

President and Founder | GovCon Chamber of Commerce
Author | Speaker | GovCon Expert

As a business coach and mentor, Neil is famous for making complicated topics easy to understand, helping businesses 'find their niche' and for providing specific, achievable, actionable steps any business owner could follow.

Since 2022, Neil has hosted over 300 LinkedIn Live training sessions teaching small businesses how to start and build relationships that lead to federal revenue.

Neil McDonnell brings 20+ years of government contracting experience and has personally won and supported government contracts for the Army, Navy, Air Force, HHS, VA, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Executive Office of the White House.

A skilled salesman, Neil has used his business development and capture training expertise to develop his methods for teaching the GovCon 'process'. 

A vocal advocate for American Small Businesses, Neil is the founder of the GovCon Chamber of Commerce (formerly the HUBZone Chamber) and passionate about helping new contractors understand the process and focusing what is really important.

As host of the GovCon Training for Federal Sales podcast series and a leading LinkedIn GovCon influencer, Neil brings unlimited energy, clarity and passion and freely shares his hard-learned knowledge from years of skin-in-the-game experience.

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