The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce
Set-Aside Call Program

Where HUBZone-certified Small Businesses discuss response strategies
for specific Sources Sought and RFIs

Daily Set Aside Calls

Dial into one of our daily 30 minute Set Aside Calls to discuss specific contracting opportunities in the Sources Sought and RFI phase*Please read the Solicitation in advance.

What's the Process?

Recommended Language

The best way to get a federal contracting opportunity Set-Aside for HUBZone companies ... is to REQUEST this during the Sources Sought market research phase! Use this set aside language in your responses.

Recommended Set Aside LanguageĀ 

Interested Vendor Lists

Add your name to a contract's Interested Vendors List (IVL) to show that you are interested in competing for the opportunity or you are open to a subcontracting opportunity.

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What is the Benefit?

Our goal is to ensure 4-6 qualified HUBZone-certified companies will respond for each opportunity.

Each call averages between 10-20 business owners (fewer for highly regulated contracts). 

Hosting over 250 events in 2018, the Chamber's unique Set-Aside Call program massively  influenced the surge of HUBZone responses during the FY2018 market research phase.

We have stopped a 10 year decline in this SBA program!!


What is the Process?

  1. Someone identifies a Sources Sought or RFI that they are interested in. (Chamber member or team)
  2. The Chamber searches DSBS (just as contracting officers do) and invites HUBZone-certified small businesses to a conference call to discuss possible response strategies.
  3. Confirmed Call details are announced through the Chamber's:
  4. Within a few days, interested businesses meet online for 30 minutes to discuss on opportunity specifics, consider opportunities to collaborate and agree to register as 'Interested Vendors'.
  5. Finally, if appropriate HUBZone Chamber leadership contact contracting officers notifying them to expect a strong HUBZone response.
  6. HUBZone firms respond using our Recommended Request Set Aside Language 

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