You Are Not a Small Business | Federal Government Contracting

linkedin live Mar 21, 2022

Watch this video to learn more tips about how to present yourself according to what you can DO, not what you ARE.

In today's LinkedIn LIVE session, GovCon Chamber president Neil McDonnell explains how successful well-established small businesses often sell themselves short when pursuing federal contracting revenue.

The big mistake is introducing yourself as 'a small business'.  You are really putting the focus on the wrong thing.  If you are a strong competent business partner for the government buyer, your size will not be the important factor.

This is what matters to government buyers :

  1. Your competence and qualifications
  2. Your capabilities and subject matter expertise
  3. Your past experience with similar projects
  4. Your ability to deliver on budget and on time

Neil brings 20+ years of government contracting experience. As a small business owner, he has personally won and supported government contracts for the Army, Navy, Air Force, HHS,VA, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Executive Office of the White House.


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