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Win More by Doing Less | Better BD Sales Strategies for 2023

business development Jan 10, 2023

Are you drowning in excessive 'white noise'  in your work environment? Are you struggling with too many competing priorities and not enough time to 'get it all done'? In today's 30 minute live training, Neil McDonnell explains why and how to focus on 'the one thing' that will deliver the best results for you.


  • We have too many priorities and not enough time to 'get it all done'
  • If we chose the wrong priorities, we might miss something important (opportunity costs)
  • We have trouble determining the value or ROI of our efforts
  • We don't have clearly defined metrics and standards to assess options


if you are chasing two rabbits (goals), you'll stop and restart and ultimately catch neither rabbit!

SOLUTION? Prioritize!

  • Identify the one true thing that will move your business development efforts forward each day
  • Set up clearly defined daily and weekly metrics with specific targets
  • Reflect weekly to see if your efforts are aligned correctly
  • Adjust your process accordingly

✅ Follow Neil's 7 Step PROCESS for federal government sales in 3 Key Steps

  1. ➡️ Visibility
  2. ➡️ Outreach
  3. ➡️ Targeting

Here are some examples. Be sure to quantify your efforts with point values

DAILY ACTIONS | 15 minutes daily

  • Make 10 Calls each day
  • Attend Neil's daily LinkedIn live trainings to build valuable relationships
  • Reconnect with agency contacts to verify your understanding of their challenges
  • Move ONE opportunity ONE step forward


  • Meet with a strategic teaming partner to move relationships forward
  • Have one meeting a week with your target agency (program officers, specialists etc)
  • Find one relevant RFI and practice writing a response with a proposal mindset
  • Collect the reusable content resulting from your practice responses


  • Write one subcontracting or prime contract proposal EVERY SINGLE month 



99% of the way there.

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