5 Step Urgent Action for Navy Small Business Contractors

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

Navy buyers can't access your company website if you are not registered with Symantec

You might not even realize that something is blocking you from a Navy contract – even before you have a chance to compete. If your company website is not registered with Symantec, Navy buyers can't access it to learn about what you offer.

There is an easy fix.  Take these 5 easy steps and then please share this great tip from Neil McDonnell and the GovCon Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Check your site here: https://sitereview.bluecoat.com/#/
  2. Enter your URL to validate your website
  3. Update the necessary fields, then submit for review
  4. Wait 24-48 hours
  5. Ask a Navy small business specialist to confirm they can access your website
  6. Bonus Step – Tell a Friend!



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