TOP 10 STEPS for Small Business Success in Federal Government Contracting (series introduction)

success tips May 12, 2021


In this new series, we introduce the roadmap that small business contractors should follow as they begin to advance their business development.

Whether you are new or have a run rate of $30 million, these steps layout foundational bricks that will ensure you can reach your federal government sales goals.

Neil's roadmap is based on his 20 + years contracting experience, building two successful firms selling to the federal government and managing subcontracts with both small and large prime contractors.

At the time, there was no easy-to-follow process that lead to predictable success. Now he is committed to provide the process for others.

WHAT ARE THE 10 STEPS ON THE JOURNEY – Watch these step by step video lessons

  1. Small Business Profile
  2. Capability Statements
  3. SBDC reviews
  4. WOSB/VOSB Women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses
  5. Identify and focus on your primary agency
  6. Meet with PTACs Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
  7. Register in Agency Portals
  8. SBA Business Opportunity Specialists
  9. SBA Procurement Center Representatives
  10. Meet agency Small Business Professionals



99% of the way there.

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