Expert Tips from Inside the World of PTACs

Too many small businesses keep making this same mistake everyday. Watch this video panel to find out if they are talking about you! 

For his fifth "Meet the Experts" video panel, Neil McDonnell brings four Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) experts from Washington state, Virginia, Idaho and Oklahoma together in candid conversation to benefit HUBZone and other small business owners.

His guests are:

  • Tiffany Scroggs, director, Washington State PTAC 
  • Anna Urman, director, Virginia PTAP
  • Gary Moore, program manager, Idaho PTAC 
  • Carter Merkle, program manager, OBAN, Oklahoma PTAC

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  • Why should small business work with their local PTAC?
  • Power of the PTACs (what can they do?)
  • Best Practices: What should small businesses do more of? And what should they stop doing immediately?


PTACs are located in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam, with additional services to federally recognized Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities, their members and reservations throughout the country. 

PTACs provide day-to-day assistance, along with training, to firms seeking to do business with Federal Agencies and state and local governments in the form of such services as:

  • Identifying government agencies that purchase a firm’s products or services
  • Prime & subcontracting opportunities
  • Contracting fundamentals
  • Helping to prepare bids/proposals
  • Pre-award & post-award administration issues
  • Locating military and other government specifications and drawings
  • Small business programs and certifications

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How to reach our guests

  • Tiffany Scroggs | Director, Washington State PTAC | 360.464.6041 | Email | Web
  • Anna Urman | Director, Virginia PTAP | 703.277.7750 | Email | Web Site
  • Gary Moore | Program Manager, Idaho PTAC | 208.426.1741 | Email | Web Site
  • Carter Merkle | Program Manager, OBAN, Oklahoma PTAC | 405.612.7386 | Email | Web Site

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