7 Mentors of Federal Government Contracting

linkedin live Mar 17, 2022

In today's LinkedIn LIVE event, GovCon Chamber of Commerce president Neil McDonnell introduces you to 7 key government mentors – funded with your tax dollars – who provide their services for FREE to Small Businesses engaged in federal government business development and pursuing contracting revenue.

Whether you're a new business or a billion-dollar firm, the process is the same. In this 30 minute session Neil helps small businesses understand where they are in their contracting maturity.

The SBA is the most recognizable and SBA mentors serve all small businesses, not only those focused on federal contracting revenue. They can help develop a business plan, obtain licenses, find the right lender and develop a marketing strategy to reach new customers.


These 7 Small Business mentors offer extensive services to growing federal contractors and most have offices across the country. 

Watch Neil's video above to learn about what you can expect from each resource. Then follow all the links below to watch Neil's videos focusing on each specific mentors. 

  1. SBDC – Small Business Development Centers
  2. WBC – Women's Business Centers  
  3. VBOC  –  Veterans Business Outreach Centers
  4. PTAC  –  Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  5. SBP  –  Small Business Professionals  
  6. BOS  –  Business Opportunity Specialists
  7. PCRs  –  Procurement Center Representatives 



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