Valerie L. Muck | US Air Force Small Business Programs Director

Small Business Success Tips Podcast (episode 20)

Summary: Valerie Muck discusses the US Air Force Office of Small Business programs, how to develop strategic relationships with small business specialists, new developments in acquisition, subcontracting strategies and how companies must proactively convey how they can further the Air Force's mission.  

Guest Bio:  Located in the Pentagon, Washington, DC,  Valerie Muck is the Director of US Air Force Small Business Programs. She is responsible for policy, advocacy, execution and advice pertaining to small business programs and personnel throughout the Department.

Ms. Muck began her government career as an enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force and her civilian career with the Air Force Audit Agency in 1989. She has held audit positions throughout the Air Force Audit Agency, most recently as Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Integration, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Washington, DC, overseeing the integration of full-life cycle acquisition equities into strategy, requirements, policy, processes, funding, program execution, information technology, and workforce management. She is currently an advisor on the category management council.

Update:  Director Muck retired Jul 2019

In this episode, Valerie Muck discusses: 

  • the Air Force Office of Small Business Programs (SAF/SB) and the $11 billion dollars in FY2017 (20% of eligible dollars) awarded to small businesses
  • how innovation, agility, and efficiency are the 3 most important small business traits
  • how small businesses can effect change by speaking up, questioning restrictions and certification requirements, discussing options with SAF/SB and actively responding to RFIs and Sources Sought
  • the importance of building relationships with small business professionals long before an actual procurement opportunity exists and passionately promoting what you can bring to the Air Force
  • the strategic value of being proactive, including requesting a capability statement review
  • how to reach out to local PTACs, SBDCs, local government, and the 158 small business professionals within the Air Force, as well as other services
  • how subcontracting develops performance and credibility, especially given the current Air Force environment
  • how contracts are evolving to best-in-class vehicles resulting in some small local businesses previously supporting the installation now needing to subcontract
  • AFWERX, Air Force engagement across industry, academia, and non-traditional contributors for innovation and transformative opportunities

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VIDEO: See also: Valerie Muck present to small business directors from the Army, Navy and Air Force during Small Business Training Week (SBTW18) (April 24, 2018)

Host:  Neil McDonnell is an experienced small business owner and seasoned entrepreneur. An Army veteran and the founder HUBZone Chamber of Commerce, Neil is a government contracting subject expert and HUBZone advocate for media and conferences.

His podcast series offers key information and tips to help small businesses gain insight into government agencies and large prime contractors and develop strategies to effectively present services.



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