Learn to use SAM.gov to your federal contracting advantage

sam.gov Jan 04, 2023

The System for Award Management (SAM.gov) is much more than a contracting directory. In this 30 minute training, Neil will show you how to use this tool to your federal contracting advantage. SAM.gov is one of the most powerful tools for government contractors in the federal marketplace.  


  • Get notification alerts from SAM.gov
  • Set filters to get the right information for your sweet space
  • Use SAM.gov to make sure you don't miss Sources Sought or Requests for Information (RFI) notices


  • 'Request for Information (RFI) is the government's alert that an opportunity may be in the development stage
  • 'Sources Sought' is the when they determine the acquisition approach

Both responses are opportunities to send your marketing message directly to a federal agency program office.


(* 1st review should only take about 1 hour) 

Search Sam.Gov

  1. Go to https://sam.gov/content/home
  2. Click Search
  3. Domain: Contract Opportunities
  4. Notice Types: Sources Sought
  5. Filter: by Response dates (chose 3 months)
  6. Save the search (under action button)
  7. Download into csv to see it in spreadsheet

Understand Your Spreadsheet

  1. Sort and flag interesting ones to review later
  2. Don't be overly restrictive in case you miss opportunities that just used different wording
  3. Note keywords and ways opportunities are listed

Set up Notification Alerts  (take 15 minutes a day on maintenance)

  1. Go to 'Actions'
  2. Click Notify
  3. Watch your email for updates from SAM.gov
  4. Revisit Sam.gov consistently for other opportunities and to be sure your filters are wide enough

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99% of the way there.

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