Joyce Thurmond | Deputy Area Director | SBA Area III

meet the experts Jun 06, 2018

Small Business Success Tips Podcast (episode 4)

Summary: Joyce Thurmond, Deputy Area Director of US Small Business Administration's Area III,  discusses the importance of personal relationships with local SBA offices, researching your competition, the role of procurement center representatives, and the importance of quality preparation.

Guest Bio: Joyce Thurmond is Deputy Area Director and Procurement Center Representative (PCR) for Small Business Administration Area III. She supports the CBC, Department of Interior, Dobbin's Air Force Base, GSA in Atlanta and the VA Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia.

In this episode, Joyce Thurmond discusses: 

  • The value of developing personal relationships with the local SBA office 
  • Importance of researching contracts, keywords and NAISC codes of competitors
  • How small businesses can help each other by sharing lessons learned, pitfalls and success stories
  • How PCRs can influence set-asides for certification programs and socio-economic categories
  • The value of strong elevator pitches and concise capability statements that feature all NAISC codes reflecting capabilities
  • Using Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs)  for low-cost local training and technical assistance
  • Managing the paperwork required by federal government including invoicing, payments and reporting

The PTAP (Procurement Technical Assistance Program) was established to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in government contracts.

The program is administered by DLA's Small Business Programs in cooperation with states, local governments and nonprofit organizations.

Under the program, Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) help businesses pursue and perform under contracts with the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, state and local governments and with government prime contractors.

Most of the assistance the PTACs provide is free. PTAC support to businesses includes registration in systems such as the System for Award Management (SAM), identification of contract opportunities, help in understanding requirements and in preparing and submitting bids.

Host:  Neil McDonnell is an experienced small business owner and seasoned entrepreneur. An Army veteran and the founder HUBZone Chamber of Commerce, Neil is a government contracting subject expert and HUBZone advocate for media and conferences.

His podcast series offers key information and tips to help small businesses gain insight into government agencies and large prime contractors and develop strategies to effectively present services.



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