ABOUT The SBA's HUBZone Program

FY2017 was absolutely the WORST YEAR for the HUBZone program – since 2003! 

The Program has been in steady decline for 10 years straight and has never approached its 3% goal

'Business As Usual' has not been working

Why is this important?
  • The US federal government has approved $13+ BILLION for annual distribution to HUBZone firms... but barely HALF of the money is actually being distributed. Many qualified businesses still encounter barriers to entry and are intimidated by the process.
  • When contracts go to HUBZone companies, entire communities across the country come alive providing innovative goods and services, hiring local people and reinvesting that money throughout our extended neighborhoods and communities.
  • HUBZone business owners include veterans (22%); women (37%); and 8(a) / small disadvantaged business owners (69%) located in 'historically under-utilized business zones' across America, from Guam to Puerto Rico and everywhere in between.


In 2018, small business owner and contracting expert Neil McDonnell launched the new HUBZone Chamber of Commerce with a mission to remove the biggest barriers to participation.

 “Government Contracting is NOT a Secret... it’s just a Process.”

The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce Action Plan included –

  • 250+ member conference calls to discuss specific Set-Aside opportunities
  • Helped thousands of small businesses strengthen their DSBS profiles and respond to RFIs and Sources Sought
  • Outreach to government contracting officers to advocate for set-aside consideration, in the event of sufficient qualified HUBZone firms responding
  • Online webinars, targeted training and courses
  • Podcasts and video panels featuring agency experts giving specific advice on what was required for success
  • 100% Dues-Free Membership
  • Non-stop bridge building, promotion and fierce member determination and engagement

  • 1000+ procurement-ready small businesses became members 


  • In 2018, HUBZone Firms won $3 BILLION more than 2017

  • Percentage awarded jumped from 1.65% (FY17) to 2.05% (FY2018)

  • The FIRST positive increase in 10 years

Building Strategic Partnerships

The Chamber engages with the SBA, federal agency OSDBUs and small business professionals like Paul Ross of DOE (photo), PTACs, Economic Development Councils, local chambers of commerce, and others on behalf of the 5,000 HUBZone small businesses we represent.

Our priority is to raise the visibility of qualified procurement-ready small businesses so that they can stand out during the market research phase and better compete for government contracts.

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*NOTE: The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce has no government-affiliation and receives no government funding

The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce was founded by Government Contracting expert and Small Business owner Neil McDonnell for the benefit of ALL small business owners – most especially those HUBZone-certified companies located in America's Historically Under-Utilized Business Zone communities.

The Chamber is not a lobbying organization.  We are a 'Business-Bridge-Building' organization!  HUBZone companies collaborating to secure federal contracts and helping the government achieve its 3% HUBZone contracting goals.

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