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Invite Neil to Speak to Your Clients
Invite Neil to Speak to Your Clients

Founder and President of the GovCon Chamber of Commerce Neil McDonnell brings 20+ years of government contracting experience and has personally won and supported government contracts for the Army, Navy, Air Force, HHS,VA, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Executive Office of the White House.

As a business coach and mentor, Neil is famous for making complicated topics easy to understand, helping businesses 'find their niche' and for providing specific, achievable, actionable steps any business owner could follow.

A vocal advocate for American Small Businesses, Neil is the founder of the GovCon Chamber of Commerce (formerly the HUBZone Chamber) and passionate about helping new contractors understand the process and focusing what is really important.

As host of the GovCon Federal Sales Training podcast series and a leading LinkedIn GovCon influencer, Neil brings unlimited energy, clarity and passion and freely shares his hard-learned knowledge from years of skin-in-the-game experience.

NEIL has been a featured speaker at numerous agency events including Department of Labor, Department of Energy, and regional PTACs.



Small businesses who succeed in government contracting know exactly where they fit. They know which problems the government is facing and they bring the exact solution to help federal government agency achieve their missions. And government buyers know exactly how to find these firms.

Where do you start?

Neil teaches audiences how rise above the competition and get the attention of government buyers. He reveals each step of the process for defining your core competencies and finding whose buying what you are selling!



Big news! If you are not CMMC-certified, you will not be able to sell to the Department of Defense (DoD).

What does that mean for you?

Neil helps small business audiences demystify the changes pouring out from the Department of Defense. Focus on what really matters at your level!

GovCon expert Neil McDonnell wrote the ebook 'CMMC Made Easy' to help small business leadership quickly and easily understand the DoD's CMMC requirements. 


• Cold Calling Made Easy

• 9 Ways to Get Maximum Value from  Matchmaking Events

• 7 Steps that Guarantee a Good 1st Impression

• The Direct Path to Your 1st $2M in GovCon Revenue

• Learning from Your Mistakes to Move Your Business Forward


Keynote Speeches

• How the GovCon of Commerce Chamber Stopped a 10 Year Decline of the SBA HUBZone Program – $3 Billion for America's Under-Utilized Business Zones and Local Communities

 • What I Learned from Hosting 250 HUBZone Set Aside Calls

The Power of Partnerships – How Agile and Visible Small Businesses are Improving the Defense Industrial Base



Conference Training

• Understanding Best in Class (BIC) Contract Vehicles

• Understanding Category Management from a Small Business Perspective

• How to Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert / SME

• How to Build Relationships that Get Results ... and Contracts

"Neil makes the process understandable and obtainable–
with achievable, actionable steps
I can actually follow!

Many GovCon consultants claim they can support us growing our market, but its just all fluff with no substance.

Neil is a GIVER and authentically passionate about supporting our community."

Tammy L. Davis

"Neil has knowledge that takes years to develop among service professionals.
No matter how little you know about Government Contracting Neil makes sure everyone understand the process."

Pamela Falla. MBA, M.S

"The Department realizes it is time to recognize you for the commitment and excellent services you provide. Thank you for the tireless work in support of our mission, and your nomination for the Fiscal Year 2018 awards program."

Charlie Smith Director
Department of Energy, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

"Wow! I was a guest on Neil's podcast and he was an outstanding host!
Smart as a whip with phenomenal connections!
If you haven't taken the opportunity to listen to his other guests,
I strongly recommend you take a look!"

Joshua Frank | Award Winning Business Coach for Government Sales
Professional Speaker ● Bestselling Author

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