Solution: SV MacPack's HUBZone Bulk Validator tool

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2018

Good news for HUBZone businesses!  Your wait is over.

Does your company waste countless hours simply validating 10, 20, 50 or even hundreds of employee addresses?

In order to maintain certification, all HUBZone small businesses are legally required to regularly demonstrate that 35% of their employees actually live in a designated HUBZone.

Normally, you would visit the helpful SBA Map online to confirm each company employee.

This time consuming process has been inefficient and vulnerable to human error. The data entry process is laborious, repetitive and typically take 2 minutes per employee.

Until now.

The HUBZone Bulk Validator virtually eliminates the cost of this process by reducing the time it takes to complete the validation task by over 90%.  Created by Neil McDonnell and the SV Mac Pack team this tool is provided free to all HUBZone Chamber of Commerce members.

In our tests, 20 addresses take less than 1 minute, and 200 addresses take about 15 minutes. Only the time to start the process requires a user.  The actual processing is automated allowing you to work on other tasks.

KEY FEATURES of the HUBZone Bulk Validator

Easy CSV upload of addresses using enterprise data to eliminate user data entry errors

Rapid Error Monitoring to quickly identify issues with the addresses and displays in separate window

PDF outputs of all address maps – combines current SBA map outputs into one file

Please contact Neil with feedback as you use the tool and let us know what future tools you might be looking for.


99% of the way there.

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