Learning to Navigate the Quagmire

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019


How does a small businesses with less than $1Million in revenue learn to navigate the quagmire of the federal government to do business?

In this week’s interview with Mitchell Levy, host of Thought Leader Life, Neil McDonnell talks honestly about his own journey in government contracting.

With 25 years experience serving numerous federal agencies, he is clear that he could have scaled his businesses radically, if he had a better understanding of the process at the outset.

Neil is passionate about saving other small businesses from the long learning curve. 

Easily overwhelmed

Small businesses with less than $1M in revenue can be overwhelmed by how complex government contracting is. How does a small woman-owned, veteran-owned or frankly any small business navigate this complexity? 

From outside the Washington DC beltway, the federal marketplace can seem like a foreign country with its own unique language and traditions. You don’t benefit from the privileges and access that the DC-Maryland-Virginia beltway affords. 

But you should.  In this interview, Neil describes his motivation for creating the GovCon Chamber of Commerce (formerly the HUBZone Chamber) to help level the playing field for small businesses across the country. 

Government Contracting is not a secret, it is a just process.



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