Small Business Success Tips

Podcast Series

Host Neil McDonnell interviews government small business experts and brings you tips and insights from the agency perspective.  Discover how small businesses can research opportunities, build relationships, promote their capabilities, request small business set-aside (SBSA) opportunities  and secure government business contracts.

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NAVSEA | Dan Duckwitz

Dan Duckwitz explains the importance of research and small business solutions that address the pain points of specific program offices, the complexity of the NAVSEA structure and the need for small business feedback.

CMMC Made Easy (free eBook)

The DOD is notifying ALL small businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) that CMMC requirements are coming out and all businesses must be compliant.
Download book to know what really matters to you.

RSM Federal | Joshua Frank

Joshua Frank explains the 'long-game' cycle of government contracting, how to combine business development with business strategy, grow through subcontracting and directly influence acquisition.

CMMC Level 1

CMMC 1 is the first level of maturity for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). At Level 1, companies are practicing “Basic Cyber Hygiene” and Processes are being performed at least in an ad-hoc manner.


Solvability | Jenny W. Clark

Jenny Clark explains the fundamentals of direct and indirect costs, competitive pricing strategies for small businesses and the financial systems required for DCAA compliance, maturity and scalability in government contracting.

Cryptologic Cyber Systems (AFSOC) | Sam Riehn

Sam Riehn explains how to identify Air Force program managers who buy what you sell, how acquisition is changing, and how small businesses with cybersecurity capabilities can take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

Summit Insight | Judy Bradt

Author Judy Bradt unfolds the personal side of federal contracting and reveals how an ‘opportunity focused human network' expands your connections, increases referrals and positions your company for 4th quarter funding blitzes.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane | Matt Burkett

NSWC Crane Deputy Small Business Director Matt Burkett discusses the scope of contracts available, tips and techniques to research opportunities and primary acquisition procedures and vehicles used. 

FREE Small Business Course

Neil McDonnell presents 'DSBS | Your Key to Being Discovered'FREE Small Business Course. Power up your SBA DSBS profile with our step-by-step video course today. Make yourself visible to government procurement specialists and rise above the competition.

Navy | Emily Harman

Emily Harman introduces the Navy's Office of Small Business Programs and advises how to build strategic relationships with the 10 buying commands and research federal contracting and subcontracting for HUBZone small businesses.

NASA Contractor Database

Discover the exciting projects at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Learn how to find business partners and subcontracting opportunities in NASA's Vendor Database (NVDB) with Subcontracting Module. 

Navy | Emily Harman

In her final pre-retirement interview, Emily discusses DOD’s annual Small Business Training Week and her session on the power of positive small business storytelling as a strategy.

to Category Management"

*New Tutorial Series

Video | Neil McDonnell presents a general overview to Category Management, identifies key agency leadership, new categories and budgets. Includes links to category-specific websites. 

Webinar | "How to Differentiate Yourself as a SME"

Video | Our February webinar provides a step by step process on 'How to Differentiate Yourself as a SME –Subject Matter Expert,' how to determine your core SME status and how to get your expert content in front of the right audiences.

Webinar | "10 Tips to Attract Federal Buyers"

Video | In 60 minutes, Neil McDonnell shows how to Increase your visibility to government buyers, build relationships, identify opportunities and learn from your competitor's success.

*NEW in Library

The SBA HUBZone Program | Eligibility? Process?

Video | In this webinar, Neil McDonnell explains the value of the HUBZone program for small business government contractors. Learn if you are eligible and what steps are necessary to achieve HUBZone certification.

US Army *


Tommy Marks | Director, Army Office of Small Business Programs

Melea Crouse | Assistant Director, Office of Small Business Programs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, SWD

Karla Babb | Small Business Professional, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District

Department of Energy *


Christy Jackiewicz | Acting Director, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization

Gary Lyttek | Small Business Source Manager, Office of Acquisition and Project Management (NA-APM), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Lani MacRae | Small Business Program Manager, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Department of Interior *


Vanessa Chavez | Lead Contracting Officer, Interior Business Center

Heidi Hubbell | Bureau Acquisition Career Coordinator

Greg Moore | U.S. Fish & Wildfire Service

Michele Waters | Interior Business Center

Eric Weisman | National Park Service - Intermountain Region

Best in Class (BIC) Contract Vehicles

Neil McDonnell introduces Best in Class (BIC) Contract Vehicles and presents key information on each of the 41 Best in Class contract vehicles.

HUBZone Chamber of Commerce Set-Aside Call Program

Where HUBZone-certified Small Businesses discuss response strategies for specific Sources Sought and RFIs.

over 250 events in 2018


Small Business Office Showcase

More than 50 videos– a narrated tour of specific agency and large prime contractor sites. We point out the strengths and weaknesses of each site and how to get the data you need.

Market Research Homework Series

Introducing our NEW Homework Series  

Neil McDonnell walks us through key agency information in about 90 seconds.  Do your agency research with us.

Navy seeking HUBZone Businesses

The Navy's Office of Small Business Program directory provides NAVFAC Contracting Officers information about HUBZone firms that want to work with the Navy. 

Media Spotlight on Chamber

Video | HUBZone Chamber founder Neil McDonnell was interviewed on ABC's Government Matters program to discuss how HUBZone companies can strengthen government agencies and bring positive impact to American communities nationwide

Small Business Success Club

Neil introduces his brand new  "Small Business Success Club", a monthly subscription program that's less than your daily cup of coffee.

For members who are really serious about jumpstarting their GovCon success, program includes daily access to Neil.

$200M HUBZone Set Aside

Video | Congratulations! An overwhelming response by chamber members to a recent Sources Sought has resulted in $200 Million Set Aside for HUBZone small business contractors.



Tiffany Scroggs | Washington State PTAC

Anna Urman | Virginia PTAP

Gary Moore | Idaho PTAC

Carter Merkle | Oklahoma PTAC


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Air Force *


Della Simmons | Small Business Professional, Elmendorf-Richardson AFB

Mark Snyder | Director of Business Operations, Sheppard AFB

Tracy Nicholson | Director, AFSC Small Business Office, Tinker AFB


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Requesting Set-Asides

The best way to get a federal contracting opportunity set-aside for HUBZone companies ... is to specifically request that the contract be set aside during the Sources Sought market research phase!  Read the recommendations here.

GovCon Expert | Mark Amtower

Mark Amtower (Columbia, MD) provides powerful tips for defining your business niche, highlighting differentiation, building strategic relationships, conducting effective research, and using social media and networks.

DOE | Lani MacRae

Lani MacRae (Golden, CO) offers specific tips and superb advice to help small businesses develop capability statements that grab the attention of contracting officers.  

GSA Region 7 | Albert Garza

Albert Garza (Ft Worth, TX) offers valuable tips for connecting with business specialists, maximizing the benefits of outreach events, 'doing the contracting officer homework for them!'

1,100 Active Members
and Still Growing

In the first 6 months since its founding, the HUBZone Chamber membership has exploded. Companies nationwide are embracing the chance to strategize with each other–in LIVE conversations– before responding to Sources Sought, share wisdom and best practices.

SBA | Area III | Gary Heard

Dr. Gary Heard (Alabama) offers insights to SBA’s Certificates of Competency, CASL (Army’s Competition Advocates Shopping List), contracting officer review process and key prep required from small businesses.

SBA | Area V | Brent Owens

Brent Owens (Hill Air Force Base, Utah) discusses purchasing trends for Air Force bases, regional training for small business and contracting officers, market research and the SBA's All Small Business Mentor-Protégé program.

USDA-FSA | Alan Oakes

Alan Oakes offers perspective on the contract review process within USDA-FAM and how to seek small business opportunities within the agency.

USAF | Valerie Muck

Valerie Muck discusses the US Air Force Office of Small Business programs, how to develop strategic relationships with small business specialists, new developments in acquisition, subcontracting strategies and how companies must proactively convey how they can further the Air Force's mission.  

SBA | Area V | Colleen Burns

Colleen Burns (El Paso, TX) discusses the importance of promoting qualifications, quality research, continuing education, different contracting roles and proactive relationships with PCRs and business specialists

SBA | Area V | Sally Walton

Sally Walton (Albuquerque) offers powerful small business contracting strategies, clarifies the scope of agencies, and demystifies important regulations and limitations of sub-contracting for small business set asides.

SBA | Area III | Ken Silvia

Kenneth Silvia (Savannah), area wide PCR and CMR, provides insights on how contracting officers review market research, and offers specific technical suggestions and strategies for small business contractors

SBA | Area IV | Phil MacLean

Phil MacLean (OH) discusses important differences between OSDBUs, Small Business Specialists, and PCRs; procurement review; agency points of contact; researching historical awards, internal source lists, and subcontracting listings

SBA | Area V | Randy Marchiafava

Randy Marchiafava (New Orleans) discusses the many roles of PCRs, strategic approaches to government contracting, the power of FedBizOpps, and some lesser known SBA resources.

DHS | Kevin Boshears

Kevin Boshears addresses the scope of DHS, the contract consideration process, and how small businesses can position themselves to become strategic contracting partners.

SHR Consulting | Rob Sanchious

Rob Sanchious discusses trends in government contracting and why responding fast and bringing focused solutions is critical to success. 

DAEDF | Lyle Roggow

Lyle Roggow (OK) discusses the critical support regional economic development organizations provide growing businesses including incubators and pivotal resources to help local entrepreneurs become successful.

Marine Corps Base Quantico | Mae Mathieu

Mae Mathieu, Deputy for Small Business Programs on the Marine Corps' Base Quantico, discusses how small businesses can effectively engage government representatives using accurate capability statements, database listings, and NAICS codes.

SBA Area III | Joyce Thurmond

Joyce Thurmond (GA) Deputy Area Director of SBA Area III, discusses the importance of personal relationships with local SBA offices, researching your competition,quality preparation, and the role of PCRs.

SBA Area III | Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers (AL) PCR/ COC Specialist stresses how small businesses get more government contracts by working together, developing reliable performance records and providing needed solutions.

Dept of Education | Janet Scott

Janet Scott, Director of the Department of Education OSBDU, discusses best practices, tips and strategies to build strategic relationships with Department of Education

EPA | Denise Benjamin Sirmons

Denise Benjamin Sirmons, OSBDU Director at the EPA, discusses EPA contracts awarded to small businesses and offers tips and strategies to build strategic relationships

Introducing the Small Business Success Tips podcast

Get contracting tips and strategies from agency experts and learn how to more effectively present your services to federal sector buyers.

HUBZone Small Businesses Are Uniting

In less than 6 months, the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce has grown to more than 900 members!

DOE Focus on HUBZones

Video | Chamber founder Neil McDonnell presents to industry leaders and government agencies at DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) HUBZone Small Business Outreach event.

VA Construction Opportunities: $5.9 Billion (850+ Projects)

Many Chamber members are also Veteran-Owned small businesses. The VA has a budget of $3.279 Billion in construction-related procurements for FY 2019.


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